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Sterling Silver Charms
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Sterling Silver Beetle Charms

Sterling Silver Beetle Charms
113-111-CH383 Sterling Silver Beetle Charms $34.35 wow Sale Price! -> $10.31 Buy Sterling Silver Beetle CharmsBroderickCom 70% off Sale!

    Our fine ladys' 18 inch sterling Chain $14.95 is on sale.

    Men's Sterling Chains 25 inch endless, 26 inch endless,

    Men's Stainless Chain 25.5 inch endless

    Sterling Silver Tie Tacks and Tie Chains Sterling Silver Beetle Charms tie tack. Sterling Silver Beetle Charms tie chains. Most of our sterling silver charm pendants can be made into tie tacks/lapel pins and tie chains.

    Sterling Silver CuffLinks Sterling Silver Beetle Charms cuff links. Many of our sterling silver charms can be made into cuff links by Broderick

    Quality Our sterling silver charms pendants are of the finest quality meeting or exceeding the sterling silver standard of 92.5% pure silver.

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    Dime Some items are shown with a dime coin which measures 11/16 of an inch, or 18m.

    Customer Satisfaction: Our return within 30 days refund policy.

    Fine Gifts for many occassions: including easter, mother's day, father's day, birthdays, anniversaries and of course the Christmas holiday season. The go search above can access all of our items; plus we can make items that are not shown.

    Rare and Limited: As a result of so many of our manufacturers dropping items and or themselves we now have hundreds of different items in stock that can never be replaced and refer to them as rare and limited.

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